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Meet our New Team Members!

EWB is growing! This past month we have had 8 new team members join our organization. Allow us to introduce you to some friendly new faces and find out more about why they were excited to join our organization.

The Global Community Team proudly welcomed two interns from the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. Abdullah Naqvi is the Program Engagement and Evaluation Officer he felt that “The importance of the work that Engineers Without Borders is doing cannot be overstated. In my statement of intent for the Munk School, I wrote about the unsustainability of the economic systems that lead to the economic disparity and inequality between the Global North and the Global South. Having the opportunity to address this inequality is what excites me most about working with Engineers Without Borders.” Xueyi Zhang is the Community Events Associate she cited that “Working for EWB Canada allows me to contribute or give back to society, which is an incredible and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am really involved in some societal projects and contributions that the EWB may be providing to society like the R2EP and Xchange conference. EWB Canada provides me with the opportunity to be hands-on in offering services that address issues that affect society or the world at large.Working for EWB Canada gives me the opportunity to work with communities, chapters and an incredible team that can give me a sense of perspective. Even though working for EWB Canada may appear to be a difficult task, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

Leila Kincade joined the Marketing and Communications team as the Junior Marketing Coordinator she is excited to work with EWB because “the company aligns perfectly with my personal values. I have always been passionate about eradicating economic disparities on both a societal and institutionalized level. I firmly believe that it is our responsibility as humans to support and fight for/with those who are less fortunate. I am a humanitarian at heart so when I saw the opportunity to work for such an amazing organization filled with people who are also passionate about changing the world, I knew I had to go for it.

Our Policy and Advocacy team has three new members including Jose Abad-Puelles who is the Director of Policy and Advocacy. He is thrilled to join the EWB team because “ we share the same values about how to approach international development. We have to change the old paradigm where people in the North teach people in the South how to become “developed”. Coming from the Global South I am very well aware that there is a lot of knowledge there. Same as EWB, I am a believer that economic development and the eradication of poverty should be based on equality, access to the same opportunities for all, and empowerment, with special consideration for the rights of the most vulnerable people such as women, children, indigenous people, etc.” Feel free to contact him at to discuss new ideas for social change and the eradication of poverty. Dolly Cepeda Montufar joined as the Community Mobilization Officer and Munk Intern Afsana Islam, is the Policy and Advocacy Officer. Afsana shared that she was excited to “join the dynamic and new team of Policy and Advocacy and look forward to having a socially impactful summer. I aim to have first hand experience in developing strategies that will help in influencing Canada's international development policies. EWB has a strong history of making meaningful changes in policies that is now helping in alleviating poverty across the globe and I wanted to work with the team that has made that happen”

Lastly, Partnerships has also welcomed two new members. Natalie Smith, the Development Officer Corporate Partnerships who is excited to join EWB “ for the same reason all of us are involved - to make a difference in the lives of those living in extreme poverty. Being surrounded by like-minded, passionate and driven people, while working to build impact through attacking systems of oppression at their root cause, is truly a dream come true. Thanks for the warm welcome!”. Wade Goren has also joined the team as the Data Management Volunteer.

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