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Introducing the Community Distributed Team 2022/2023

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

After a call for applications this Summer, we are excited to introduce you to the new faces of the Community Distributed Team (DT, for short) for the 2022/2023 year. As part of this process we reached out to team members to discover what areas they are looking forward to working in and why. This year’s team will be made up of co-leads Kevin Étienne and Katie Stone together with nine representatives from regions across Canada. Sadhiq Nazeer is a long-time EWBer who represents the Prairies/BC region and is excited to tackle the Energy, Climate and Environment Impact Area as he works in the energy industry and feels “deeply passionate about climate solutions”.

In Ontario East, Connor Ruprecht is an EWB Carleton alum who hopes to address issues in Sustainable Infrastructure as he has firsthand experience working in the consulting industry and recognizes some of the “root issues perpetuating unsustainable development and systems”. Close by, Mandy Coleman and Kshin Patel , former and current EWB Waterloo members, respectively, represent the Ontario West region and aim to address issues with “equitable access to water” to help “support a strong and healthy future for all”. In Ontario Central, we have an avid Friends fan in Ellie Luo, who seeks to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to ensure that people have “their voices heard and potential recognized.” Meanwhile, Liam Fair, an automotive industry enthusiast, feels excited about connecting with the EWB community at large.

In Québec, Pauline Castaing feels excited to learn more about systemic change and champion Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as she believes it is a “fundamental pillar of sustainability.” While in the Atlantic, Iker Zulbaran and musical performer Morgan Mollins hope to connect with EWBers across the country and “help Chapters increase their impact in communities.”

The Community DT will spearhead ideas and help run projects in Member Recruitment, International Development Week and National Engineering Month. Watch this space as this is certainly not the last time you will hear from them!

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