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This toolkit is intended to be your handbook and resource to help you navigate any questions you may have about running an EWB Chapter. It is not intended to be used as a restrictive manual.

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Table of Contents

Who is EWB? Why Might Starting a Chapter Be Right for Me? 

How Do I Start a Chapter?

How Do I Keep My
Chapter Going?

How Do I Grow
My Chapter?

Chapter Operation

Who Are My Fellow Community Members?

Chapter Overview

EWB chapters are organized groups of volunteers based on campuses or in cities across Canada. As a member of a chapter, you have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like minded folks from across the country (and beyond), engaging with different members through our Discord server and at EWB events. Whether you’re looking to join a chapter for the first time, or to just scope out what other chapters are doing and where you can connect, check out our Chapter Directory (coming soon!) to follow all of the exciting activities going on across our community.


Member Directory

Have you ever wanted to know what the design team at Waterloo is up to, or did you see a strong advocacy campaign at UBC? You can now search and find contact information for core members at different chapters by using our Member Directory (coming soon!). Simply filter by chapter, role, or search a name, and you can get connected to another interesting community member instantly. 


Community DT

The Community Distributed Team (DT) is a national volunteer initiative that was created with the intention of building on and enhancing the impact made by EWB’s Chapter Community. Supported by EWB Canada’s full-time Community Team staff, the DT strives to work alongside local Chapters to focus on enhancing their impact and engagement. Structured to provide region-specific check-ins and support, the Team’s members meet centrally to align their message and goals before implementing them within the Chapter network.


The 2022-2023 Community DT will be building on the foundations set this past year to deliver innovative, well-articulated portfolio programs that bolster and streamline the great work that individual Chapters are already doing locally and regionally. They will undergo the design thinking process to develop resources that truly meet the needs of and connect individual Chapters.


The Team consists of a total of 8-12 members, including 2 Co-Leads and 6-10 regional members. Covering the 7 University Chapter Pod regions and 1 Professional Pod, regional members will provide support and guidance to each of their regional Chapters, while also filtering back up feedback that comes from individuals at the local level. The Team will be working across core national network initiatives, undergoing in-depth design thinking training to ensure their portfolios are designed to help maximize the work of EWB’s Chapter network.

You can read more about the individual role descriptions here:


EWB members from across the country are encouraged to apply to be a part of the Community DT during our recruitment cycle each June. 


Advocacy DT - Coming soon!

Fellow Communit Members
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