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2022/2023 EVENTS


Impact Framework Events

Timeline Overview
  • Chapters Select new Portfolio Executives: March-May

  • Chapter Leaders Learn About the Year’s Priorities: May-June

  • Chapter Leaders Plan Impact Portfolios: June-August

  • Chapter Leaders Recruit Portfolio Members: September

  • Chapter Leaders Lead & Monitor Impact Activities: September-March

  • Community Impact Awards Presented: May (at xChange National Conference)

Achieving our ultimate outcome as an organization requires all of us to work towards a common set of goals and outcomes. As a President of a Chapter, you champion and lead your members to contribute to those goals. This requires creativity, teamwork, and an ability to bring people together to complete and meet mutually agreed upon projects, goals, and objectives.


Since the 2020-2021 academic year, we have been working with the Impact Framework as well the Community Distributed Team (DT) as mechanisms for guiding and supporting all Chapters in achieving a bigger impact as a collective.


The goals of the Impact Framework fall within 5 major areas:











Core Value Awards (x6)

Individuals and Co-Leads are nominated by their peers and selected for strong demonstrations of each of the following: Addressing Root Causes for Impact, Investing in People, Courageously Committing, Dreaming Big & Working Hard, Asking Tough Questions, and Striving for Humility

Run to End Poverty Chapter Fundraising Award

Presented to the Chapter that raises the most funds at R2EP

Run to End Poverty Individual Fundraising Award

Presented to the individual who raises the most funds at R2EP

Run to End Poverty Participation Award

Presented to the Chapter with the highest number of participants signed up for R2EP

Impact Diversity Award

Presented to the Chapter that completes the most initiatives under the greatest number of Impact Framework categories

Impact Award

Presented to the Chapter that completes the most Impact Framework initiatives overall

Does My Idea Align?

When assessing any undertaking as members of the EWB community, we utilize a set of decision tools to answer the questions:


  • Does this contribute to EWB’s mission?

  • Does it address any of the five Impact Areas that we have come up with as a Community?

  • Does it contribute to any of the targets identified by our Community?

  • Is it focused on global issues, in particular, those connected to Sub-Saharan Africa? Does it engage Canadians in international development? and/or our beneficiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa?

  • Does it fulfill EWB’s Core Values?







Each year at the xChange Conference, we recognize our Chapters’ work by holding the Community Impact Awards Ceremony, which awards chapter members for demonstrating strong examples of our core values, as well as chapters that have taken the most action across the most impact areas.The core awards presented each year include:

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