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Engineers Without Borders Canada - Membership
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"Why I Choose to Support EWB Canada"

Over the next few months, we will shine a spotlight on the generosity within our EWB community. Join us as we delve into the personal stories and experiences of those who choose to contribute to EWB Canada.

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Jennifer Thompson

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Grégoire Poirier Richer


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Read Jennifer Thompson's:

Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Herstasis Health and the executive board chair of CuePath Innovation. She is an expert in the commercialization of applied science and as a business mentor, board member and angel investor, she brings a wealth of experience to start-up hardware technology companies looking to make a positive difference in the world. Jennifer is also a grant reviewer for the NSERC-I2I program and is the director and chair of the Nominating and Governance committee with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver.


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To tell your EWB story and share your donor experience with our community, please contact:

Matthew McRae - Manager of Annual Giving

EWB Journey
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Jennifer's EWB Journey

Jennifer’s interactions with EWB first began after she returned to Canada from a trip to Ghana. In Ghana, she had the opportunity to see the benefit that comes from transferring engineering skills to a local population and it made her question what we as Canadians were doing to support these endeavours. Having this question drive her next steps, Jennifer began to search for Canadian organizations dedicated to harnessing Canadian talent to efficiently and effectively help other people around the world. This is when she found EWB Canada.

For Jennifer, she became intrigued with the way that EWB functioned to help transfer the practical skills that professionals have to people outside of Canada in an effort to cross-breed solutions to poverty and inequality. Seeing EWB’s vision and capacity for good, Jennifer began to give her time to the organization as a trusted EWB advisor. From there, she became a generous donor and an advocate for the work the organization puts forward. 

As Jennifer notes, “since I have become an advisor, I have seen that EWB is growing and doing amazing things overseas. I’m so excited about it!” 

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Jennifer is a committed advisor, donor and advocate for EWB because EWB helps her “serve people around me that are no different from me, they're just in a different country, they're in a different circumstance.” Jennifer believes that she has made a real connection with the work that EWB does and gives of her time and money to help bring others up. 

Giving back is something that Jennifer is passionate about and as a donor acknowledges how gratifying it is to see people in developing countries who are learning and benefiting in a documented way from EWB’s services. As Jennifer notes, “we live in a fortunate and developed country and must give of ourselves as it is imperative for the rest of the world!”

Jennifer's Donor Experience

Donor Story
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Jennifer asked that we end with an important message:

"EWB is particularly well positioned to channel the passion and knowledge of Canadian professionals and help our friends in sub-Saharan Africa. I am proud to stand beside EWB and encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and make a gift today!"

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