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"Why I Choose to Support EWB Canada"

Over the next few months, we will shine a spotlight on the generosity within our EWB community. Join us as we delve into the personal stories and experiences of those who choose to contribute to EWB Canada.

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Grégoire Poirier Richer

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Jennifer Thompson


Suzanne Kresta

Read Grégoire Poirier Richer's:

Grégoire Poirier Richer is the Marketing Manager-North America at SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions . With a background in mechanical engineering and a recently acquired MBA, Grégoire translates the technical processes surrounding water treatment into compelling stories. Outside of work, Grégoire is a father, a recreational volleyball player, a volunteer at his children's school board and a proud supporter of EWB Canada.


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To tell your EWB story and share your donor experience with our community, please contact:

Matthew McRae - Manager of Annual Giving

EWB Journey
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Grégoire's EWB Journey

Grégoire began his journey with EWB Canada as a student who was interested in joining a group dedicated to impacting systemic change. Initially, Grégoire  was drawn to our mission, the structure of our chapters and the opportunity to become a leader within a student-governed group. The University of Sherbrooke did not have an EWB Canada chapter, so Grégoire and other like-minded individuals worked with EWB’s national office to form a brand new chapter. Grégoire  became not only the chapter’s first president, but also a founding member of the Montreal Professional Chapter. Grégoire continued his work with EWB by serving as a Fundraising Director for EWB’s National Conference (2007) and served a three-year term for EWB Canada’s Board of Directors (2010-2013). 

For over 16 years, Grégoire has invested his time and energy to support EWB Canada. Today, Grégoire remains connected to EWB because he has first-hand experience in seeing how Chapters play a vital role in enacting change from both grass-roots efforts to influencing Canadian government policy. As Grégoire notes “EWB’s commitment to educating others about the respect we must have for our resources, the work it does to promote sustainability projects and for constantly searching for equality are reasons why I remain engaged”. 

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When Grégoire graduated from university, he began giving back to EWB. For Grégoire, giving back was a “no brainer” as his gift became his way of supporting our collective mission to make the world a more equitable place. As Grégoire states “I am fortunate to live in Canada and in an environment in which I am privy to a safe environment for growth. When I give back I want to show my respect for others and help their situations”. 

Grégoire has been a loyal  monthly donor for almost a decade and notes that he contributes monthly because “giving back each month allows me to stay connected, show my support, and ensure that my money is being used to help others. I believe that giving to EWB is the best way to ensure that my money is being used to get to the members of the global community that need it the most.'' 

Grégoire's Donor Experience

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At EWB, we rely on loyal and passionate monthly donors like Grégoire. Recurring gifts help our organization look forward, plan ahead, and develop new initiatives without the worry of financial constraints. Today, we ask that you consider becoming a monthly donor and ensure that your gift can make the greatest impact possible.

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