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"Why I Choose to Support EWB Canada"

Over the next few months, we will shine a spotlight on the generosity within our EWB community. Join us as we delve into the personal stories and experiences of those who choose to contribute to EWB Canada.


Suzanne Kresta

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Jennifer Thompson

Dr. Suzanne Kresta is the Dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. With over 40 years in the engineering sector, she helps to guide young academics through their engineering journey. For her research, teaching and leadership in the field she has received national and international recognition. Outside of work, she enjoys walking her dog, experiencing all of what the outdoors has to offer and keeping as much joy in her life as she can. 


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To tell your EWB story and share your donor experience with our community, please contact:

Matthew McRae - Manager of Annual Giving

EWB Journey

Suzanne's EWB Journey

Dr. Kresta’s journey with EWB Canada initially stemmed from a place of curiosity and intrigue. Her daughter and former Board Chair, Rebecca Kresta, had been a long-time supporter of EWB Canada and had spoke highly of the organization’s mission and vision. Thus, when EWB hosted a conference in Calgary she decided that it was time to engage in the EWB experience for herself. 
At the conference, Dr. Kresta saw the passion the organization had to elicit change and was “blown away with the work that EWB was committed to”. Further, Dr. Kresta thought EWB did an “excellent job at framing the place of engineers in society while recognizing that leading someone to where you want them to be without the capacity or education does not have a high likelihood for success”. From this moment forward, Dr. Kresta has volunteered of her time, energy and finances and considers EWB Canada an incredible resource for her as a leader and builder of the profession. 


Dr. Kresta, has been a donor for over a decade and enjoys giving back to EWB Canada because of the organization’s ability build capacity, support international experience and promote individual growth. To Dr. Kresta, her donations are “a long-term commitment to programs that not only build capacity but also the infrastructure needed to support that capacity.” Furthermore, as a dean she has been provided with the opportunity to work alongside donors and has seen the power that a donation can make. Recognizing the impact that a contribution can make she wishes to urge our EWB Community “to share our privilege and get involved!”

Suzanne's Donor Experience

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At EWB, we rely on loyal and passionate monthly donors like Dr. Kresta. Recurring gifts help our organization look forward, plan ahead, and develop new initiatives without the worry of financial constraints. Today, we ask that you consider becoming a monthly donor and ensure that your gift can make the greatest impact possible.

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