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EWB 101

A modular 20-60 minute primer on EWB Canada which can be customized to showcase your chapter.

Great to use in September during recruitment!

HELLO 2030!

Explore our fall advocacy campaign and learn about the Sustainable Development Goals using this interactive workshop.

Great to use in October before our Hello 2030 campaign push!

Our Theory of Change

A 60-minute session diving into EWB's theory of change, and how our actions contribute to our ultimate goals.

Great to use in September or January to refresh chapter connection to org-wide goals!

Systems Change Leadership: Theory & Practice

This 2-hour deep-dive on systems change features a roleplay activity based on our venture Viamo. It can be split into a two-session series if desired.

Great to use in January during post-conference learning!

Failing Forward

Dive deep into failure through this intense 70-minute workshop. Get comfy talking about your failures. Learn to and learn from your failures. Discover why failure is an important and inherent risk to innovation.

Great to use in December to reflect on your fall term, draw learnings, and prepare for the winter!

Impact Investing Game

Will your startup create social impact? Will investors get on board with it? This two-hour roleplay game examines impact investing from various stakeholder perspectives.

A great way to introduce impact investing, as well as monitoring and evaluation of social impact work. Also makes a great outreach workshop for older students and business-oriented groups!

Power, Privilege, Oppression, and Allyship

Learn to recognize privilege, fight oppression through allyship, and root your EWB work in anti-oppression using this 80-minute intensive workshop.

Great to use in March while focusing on development inclusivity!

FarmVillage Workshop

This 1.5-hour roleplay game explores the challenges facing smallholder famers in Ghana. It examines connections between the agricultural sector and poverty, while illustrating why EWB invests in many agriculturally-rooted businesses!

Intro to Advocacy

A modular 10-60 minute primer/ recruitment presentation on Advocacy at EWB Canada which can be customized to showcase your chapter's Advocacy work.

Great to use in September during recruitment!

Social Enterprise: Local to Global

A 60-minute session exploring the meaning of social enterprise using local and global perspectives.

Great to use in November during our social enterprise focus month!

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