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Please review the following information carefully before submitting your application at the bottom of the page.

Fellowship Overview

Launched in 2021 by Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB), the Canada-Africa Innovation Fellowship program provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students based in Canada and Africa to work together and develop innovative and viable solutions to complex global challenges. Immersed in a 15-week program that includes a series of entrepreneurship-focused sessions, our Innovation Fellows will learn, create and accelerate ideas while working together to solve a real global issue as a way to build a sustainable and inclusive future.


We are presently recruiting a pool of pro-bono international Advisors, i.e. sector experts specialised in the implementation, integration or advocacy of Climate Change, Renewable Energy, and Pollution mitigation. Our Advisors are expected to commit at least 2 hours per month to offer advice and guidance to the Innovation Fellows, helping them align the direction of their social ventures to these important targets. These interactions are also intended to provide a unique opportunity to students to grow their leadership, entrepreneurial and innovation capacity, while engaging in cultural, academic and professional exchange.


Please complete the application form below to indicate your interest in becoming an Advisor for the Canada-Africa Innovation Fellowship.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Please provide your CV/LinkedIn profile link/website/github/publications below, if available:
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Please rank your interests:
- GHANA, Waste Management
- GHANA, Pollution
- GHANA, Food Security

- UGANDA, Biodiversity
- UGANDA, Clean Energy
- UGANDA, Food Security

- CANADA, Attitudes to Climate Change
- CANADA, Waste Management
- CANADA, Clean Water
Anticipating as an advisor for Innovation Fellows requires you to commit at least 2 hours per month in order to have fruitful discussions with the Fellows. Are you able to commit to at least 2 hours per month?

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch!

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