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For 20 years, EWB Canada and its chapters have pushed for equality and the elimination of poverty through systemic changes in the areas of business, policy change, and leadership development. As systems thinkers, we know that issues are not one-dimensional; when we try to reach for quick, band-aid solutions, we aren’t preventing the same problems from popping up in the future.

The fact of the matter is -- If we continue to ignore root causes, we will only continue to create more problems. That is why EWB Chapters work to address systemic issues across a number of areas by applying our core values through systems thinking.

EWB  Members advocate for better policies, develop as globally minded leaders, and strengthen purpose-driven businesses. We believe that, at the intersection of these activities, there is a real chance to create a sustainable and inclusive global economy and contribute to an economic future that is equitable for all.


Join us in this journey and become a member today.

Our Membership Payment system is currently under construction - stay tuned for news on our Membership Registration process, coming soon!

Want to get involved in the meantime? Why not check out our FREE Member Journey Training modules to learn more about all things EWB!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

While at its core, EWB strives to help create a world that is equitable and accessible to all, starting with offering a FREE* membership, we hope you will consider contributing to our network’s continued development.


With a suggested contribution of C$ 20 for students and C$ 40 for professionals, you will be investing right back into this network to help deliver the creation, governance and administration of new membership and leadership resources, while providing access for all community members to regional, national and international programming and opportunities.

* Contributions over the $20 (student) or $40 (professional) dollar membership fee is eligible for a tax deductible receipt for a minimum of $20 donation.

**Suggested membership contribution amounts sit at $20 for students and $40 for professionals

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