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Keeping EWB's Systems Change Leaders connected and active across the country

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The Advocacy Distributed Team

At EWB, we do mission-driven work that reaches vast corners of Canadian campuses - and beyond. The Advocacy DT keeps us all connected as active advocates for policy change that matters!

The Advocacy & Policy Distributed Team (DT) is a national volunteer initiative that was created with the intention of building on and enhancing the impact made by EWB’s Chapter Community. Supported by EWB Canada’s full-time Policy and Advocacy Team (PAT) staff, the DT strives to work alongside local Chapters to focus on the national advocacy campaign. Structured to provide region-specific check-ins and support, the Team’s members meet centrally to align their message and goals before implementing them within the Chapter network.


The 2022-2023 Policy & Advocacy DT will be supporting in the development, implementation, and monitoring of EWB’s annual national advocacy campaign. As a team, we look at Canada’s contributions to international issues and engage our community, the public, and decision makers in conversations on inclusive, sustainable development through a series of coordinated national actions and events. The aim of the annual advocacy campaign is to build a grassroots movement that directly influences the development of better development policy.

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2022-2023 Advocacy Campaign

Focusing on Canada's Aid and hitting our SDG targets

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Change is possible by asking new questions, educating ourselves, and proposing new solutions to broken systems. That's why Engineers Without Borders raised questions last year from young Canadians who want to be initiators of real change.

From climate change and the SDGs, we are asking passionate advocates across the country to think about new ways to improve Canada's effectiveness in eradicating global poverty and take actions to strengthen our contribution to the SDGs.

Read more about how we want to change the status quo on the most important global issues impacting us today, and into the future, such as gender equality, climate, innovation, and partnerships at


The application deadline for our 2022-2023 cohort is August 19th, 2022. Please click the APPLY button below to find the form.

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